5 Reasons to Choose a Dedicated Server

5 Reasons to Choose a Dedicated Server Hosting

To be competitive online, you have to find all the ways you can to get an edge on your competition. Smart businesses know this requires a robust online presence—beginning with a website that can completely support customers’ needs. This begins with your web hosting service and whether or not you elect to use a shared or a dedicated server.

There are many reasons to shift to a dedicated server once you understand that it is the right option for your business needs. Let’s look at the top five reasons you should consider getting a dedicated server:

1. Private Communications

One of the reasons to shift to a dedicated server is the ability to send private emails. The security this adds to your business communications will help prevent scammers and hackers from affecting your company computers.

Once the company’s devices are connected via dedicated server, they can cut out the internet as a middleman and exchange messages directly. Fewer ports will be left open to attack from hackers, and the time it takes to send messages is considerably reduced.

2. Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, are secure networks which are useful for connecting devices quickly and securely. VPNs connect specific internal devices, and they also serve the purpose of cutting out the internet. By making sure only your devices are connected to each other, you greatly reduce the chance of a cyber-attack.

3. Data Syncing

Dedicated servers allow for VPNs, which connect systems as their own private network. Data syncing is similar, except that it allows files to be transferred between the connected devices, and to be stored on the server for later use. The biggest difference between data syncing and a VPN is that a VPN merely acts as a facilitator or mediator, while data syncing allows data to be stored on the server. This allows for files to be safely secured in case of loss or theft of devices (like a laptop). It can also be useful for file storage.

4. Website Hosting

Lesser website hosting plans can be a hassle, but a dedicated server makes it easy. It allows for more uptime, and it will perform faster. Since the server is dedicated to your website, it’ll have less data and processes to deal with in the background, allowing for higher uploading and receiving speeds.

5. Game Server Hosting

Dedicated servers are great if you want to host multiplayer sessions of your favorite game. You can customize the server to fit the requirements of the game and get less lag. A dedicated server will allow players to join the game even if you’re offline, since the host is autonomous.

The reasons to shift to a dedicated server are plentiful. You can manage your email or transfer files almost instantly. It can securely protect your files with a VPN or Data Syncing service. If you need to grow your business, you can use a dedicated server to run a stable, fast website for your company. And, if you’re a game developer or simply a gamer who wants to compete with friends, you can host your own games with a dedicated server. The possibilities are endless.