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Innovation Programs In Schools Can Help Kids Learn More Than Just Facts

Traditionally, we went to school to attain knowledge. The smart kids knew that Columbus discovered America in 1492 and that the square root of 64 is eight. They studied diligently at home

Cloud Vs. Dedicated Server: Which Is Right For Your Site?

Over the last few years “the cloud” industry has been on a serious marketing blitz. The basic aim of cloud marketing is to convince consumers that whatever their question, the cloud is

Do You Have a Powerful Innovation Story?

Many, but not all, innovations involve some kind of technology, and start as an invention. Many of these technology-based inventions that may eventually become innovations are created by startups, but many are

Difference between Dedicated Server and Colocation Servers

Dedicated servers has been always in demand and considered to be the most reliable option. Server colocation is a concept where one colocates his IT infrastructure into the more secured and redundant

Shared or Dedicated Hosting – The Final Answer

Entrepreneurs often face the decision between shared and dedicated hosting. Of course, VPS hosting also plays a factor, but that’s for a different post. Both shared and dedicated hosting serve purposes, but

Managing Your Own Server from a Hosting Company vs Renting a Dedicated Server

RENTING A DEDICATED SERVER VS MANAGING YOUR OWN SERVER Having a large number of users might cause your site to slow down due to the limitation on bandwidth. Sooner of later, you

Save Money and Increase Productivity by Running a VoIP System on Your Dedicated Server

Could your dedicated server actually help you to save money? The immense power and adaptability of InMotion Hosting’s Dedicated Server solutions mean they can provide unparalleled control, performance, and security for your website. But,

5 Reasons to Choose a Dedicated Server

5 Reasons to Choose a Dedicated Server Hosting To be competitive online, you have to find all the ways you can to get an edge on your competition. Smart businesses know this requires

What Is a Dedicated Server?

If you’re in the market for a website hosting service, there are a lot of options to choose from! Dedicated servers are a popular option you need to be familiar with. Let’s

Antwerp School of Education

By establishing links between the teacher education, the coaching available to newly qualified teachers and in-service teacher education, the Antwerp School of Education aims to provide added value and create a complete