What Is a Dedicated Server?

If you’re in the market for a website hosting service, there are a lot of options to choose from! Dedicated servers are a popular option you need to be familiar with. Let’s take a look at what a dedicated server is and what advantages it brings.

What Does a Dedicated Server Do?

Dedicated server hosting is a web hosting service where you have a server all to yourself. Whether you rent or own the server, you don’t have to share it with any other websites. This type of web hosting is very advantageous, especially for online businesses.

By contrast, if you are on a shared server, traffic to other websites on your server can slow down traffic to your website.

A quick-loading website built on dedicated server hosting can mean more business for you.

Dedicated Servers and Website Speed

Let’s look at how website speed can impact your business. If a website loads too slowly, consumers may assume something is wrong with it, and go on to another website.

Similarly, shoppers may associate slow load times with lower quality. If your website takes too long to load, consumers may seek out your competitors’ sites instead.

Dedicated servers are more stable than shared servers, with far less potential for slow load speeds and downtime. This is why consumers who are concerned about speed and uptime should consider a dedicated server.

The Security of a Dedicated Server

Another benefit of using dedicated server hosting is that it can be more secure than a shared server.  If you are on a shared server, you have no control over what types of websites your website shares the server with.

If you are on the same server with a spammer or malicious website meant to spread trojan viruses or other malware, this can open your website up to security issues. Your website may even be shut down indefinitely if the authorities seize the server hardware because of another malicious site on the same server. If your website handles credit card transactions or other data that needs to be encrypted and closely guarded, you are better off with a dedicated server.

Spammy Neighbors

The types of sites that reside with yours on a shared server can also cause you trouble in other ways.

Each server has a unique IP address. Therefore, if you’re on a dedicated server, your website has its own IP address. But if you are on a shared server, your website will share the IP address with the other sites hosted on the shared server. And if one of those other sites is known to be spammy, your website’s SEO ranking may be negatively impacted because of its connection with suspicious content. Your website may even be blocked from search engines.

With a dedicated server, you won’t have to worry about these issues.


You also have more power over configuration with a dedicated server. You’d simply log in to your server just as if you were logging in to your personal computer, and load software specific to your website’s needs.

If you are on a shared server, you won’t have this customizability. You’ll have to use the same software and configurations as the other websites on the server.

Which Server Plan Is Best For You?

Dedicated servers cost more than shared servers, but for many customers the benefits outweigh the extra cost. Someone looking for a website hosting service should consider the pros and cons of a dedicated server hosting plan—and if the speed, security, and customizability are worth the extra cost.